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We are a Mediterranean membership network of wetland managers dedicated to fostering to best management practices, knowledge exchange and public education about wetland values and services.

Photo: © Lonjsko Polje Nature Park / Boris Krstinić

Welcome to the MedWet Managers Network

The Network has been launched by the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet). It brings together wetland conservation practitioners associated to Ramsar Sites, in order to promote change in policy and action on the ground. The aim is to upgrade wetland conservation to a more effective level, ensuring a promising future for Mediterranean wetlands.

Wetlands and People

People have been associated with wetlands in different ways since antiquity.

Wetlands of the Network

Learn more about their ecological importance, benefits, values and conservation status.

Our Members

We are proud to work with Ramsar Site managers from across the Mediterranean region.

About the Ramsar Convention

The Convention on Wetlands, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.


About MedWet

MedWet is a Regional Initiative of the Ramsar Convention. Its mission is to ensure and support the effective conservation of the functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands and the sustainable use of their resources and services.

Get involved!

Together we can stop the degradation and loss of Mediterranean Wetlands and promote best practices for their conservation and wise use

Tell us your story!

Share with us your success stories and best practices implemented to conserve wetlands in your area.