How to become a Member of the Network

A network is only as strong as its members. As a family of wetlands site managers, we are creating a space where we can exchange and share useful information on the best and most sustainable management strategies, tactics and approaches to the challenges and opportunities we face. 

We know that the solidarity we build in our network will strengthen the success of our site management and the overall preservation and enhancement of our critical ecosystems.

We invite you to join us. Of course, because we are connected to the governmental Ramsar organization, there is a bit of fine print for you to read on the terms and conditions of membership.








Here are some informations to know

To apply as a member, the applicant must: 

  • fulfill the MeRSiM-Net application form and attach all the requested documents. 
  • submit a cover letter to the MedWet Coordinator.
  • agree with the MedWet’s values (look below). 
  • fulfill the questionnaire to provide specific informations about your Ramsar Site.

The members agree to contribute to Network functioning, in particular to

  • participate to the MedWet sharing-experience and training activities. 
  • offer their contribution in undertakings of interest to the Network. 
  • host MedWet meetings and/or exchange visits with other network members and partners.
  • participate in communication efforts of the Network.
  • Recognize the diversity of objectives, functions, management modes, status and institutional nature of Ramsar sites. 
  • Develop relations of solidarity between Ramsar sites.
  • Promote sharing, capitalizing and pooling of experiences between members.
  • Act to make MedWet becoming an efficient Mediterranean system of Ramsar sites, and other wetlands of biodiversity importance, which preserves the Mediterranean wetlands ecosystems and the associated natural and cultural resources.