Webinar #1: governance and management planning of Mediterranean coastal wetlands

© Yongjoon Jeon / Unsplash

First webinar on governance and management planning of Mediterranean coastal wetlands

October 28, 2021

In order to reinforce the capacities of its members, MedWet organises online gatherings targeting the Network of Mediterranean Wetland Managers, designed to provide opportunities for experience-sharing.

The series of online webinars aim to stimulate knowledge sharing and managers’ participation, while addressing various topics and challenges related to wetland conservation and management in the Mediterranean region.

The managers recently completed the first webinar on ”Governance, management planning” on 23 September 2021. It was designed to enhance sustainable management in the Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites).

The webinar, attended by 17 managers, was organized under the MAVA OAP M3 project: “Disseminating knowledge and sharing experience for promoting wetlands conservation around the Mediterranean”.

The sessions included informative and interactive discussions and allowed participants to better understand the principles of governance of the Mediterranean coastal wetlands. They also discussed how to make governance more effective through voluntary-based commitment-to-act agreements for pursuing multiple benefits. The sessions were led by top scientists and experts on wetland-related issues from the Mediterranean region.




Brian SHIPMAN presentation

Giancarlo GUSMAROLI presentation

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