Azraq Wetland Reserve

- Jordan -

Photo: © Hazem Al Hreisha / RSCN

Azraq wetlands 12, ©Hazem Al Hreisha, RSCN
© Hazem Al Hreisha / RSCN


Azraq Wetland Reserve was designated as a Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site) under the Ramsar Convention on 10 January 1977.

More about the site

Closed isolated desert wetland including marshland, dry marsh, silt dunes and large mudflat.

Azraq killifish (Aphanius Sirhani), breeding passerine birds

  1. Supporting services
  2. Provisioning services
  3. Regulating services
  4. Cultural Services
  1. Three social populations(Druze, Chechen and Bedouin) linked to the wetland.
  2. Archaeological sites in the reserve like Umayyad wall and windmill.
  3. Archaeological sites in the surrounding areas like Azraq castle, Amra castle, Asikhim castle, and Kharrana castles.
  1. Visitor centre
  2. Two environmental guides
  3. Receptionist
  4. Six toilets for both sexes.
  5. Three b Bird hides
  6. Picnic area
  7. All wetland covered with PV system (Solar panels)
  8. Interpretation room
  9. Meeting room
  10. Eco games
  11. Binoculars and bird books
  12. Nature shop (displaying local ladies’ handmade products )
  13. Garbage collection (recycling)
  1. Nature Knight program (educational)
  2. World Wetlands Day (annual)
  3. Partnerships with humanitarian organisations for open day activities for Syrian refugees
  4. Seminars, retreats and workshops
  5. National and international birdwatching groups
  6. Daily visitations.
  1. Azraq endemic species restoration program
  2. Wetland rehabilitation program
  3. Sustainable ecotourism and socioeconomic programs
  4. Scientific-based monitoring program for Azraq killifish, water and birds
  1. Water conflict
  2. Closeness to the residential areas
  3. Hunting

Azraq Wetland Reserve has achieved five management plans so far and the 6th management plan of the site (2020-2024) is under finalization and endorsement by Ministry of Jordanian Environment by February 2020.


Latest updates of these informations: Mars 2020

Azraq wetlands 11, ©Hazem Al Hreisha, RSCN
© Hazem Al Hreisha / RSCN