Fifa Nature Reserve

- Jordan -

Photo: © Ibrahim Mahasneh, RSCN

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© Ibrahim Mahasneh, RSCN​

Fifa Nature Reserve

Fifa was designated as a Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site) under the Ramsar Convention on 4 December 2016.

More about the site

It includes more than seven plant species that are of conservation importance, and is the only recorded locality in Jordan where the rare Siwak [Ara’ak] tree Salvadora persica occurs in considerable numbers. In addition, the site is embedded within a larger IBA identified by Birdlife and RSCN, where around 100 species of birds have been recorded, as well as seven species of large mammals including the Caracal and Striped Hyena. It is the lowest Lowest reserve in the world at 420 below sea level.

Dead sea tooth carp (Aphanius dispar), Nubian nightjar, Dead Sea sparrow

  • Supporting services.
  • Provisioning services.
  • Regulating services.
  • Cultural Services.

The cultural value of the wetland site is linked to its provision services, with fodder for livestock and water for irrigation and its associated crop production. These services shaped the activities of the local communities, both farmers or livestock owners. Wood cutting for domestic use has also been practiced for a long time, although the invasion with Prosopis reduced the impact on the native trees.

In terms of archaeology, there is an ancient early Bronze Age cemetery, a relatively one (about 6.4 hectares, or 15.8 acres) which contains graves from only the EB IA period and no associated settlement (yet identified). Further north of the site in Al-Safe another two larger cemeteries are found from the same age.

  • Picnic area.
  • Meeting Room.
  • Eco games.
  • Binoculars and bird books.
  • Nature Knights program (educational)
  • World Wetlands Day (Annual)
  • Seminars, retreats and workshops.
  • Nubian nightjar monitoring program
  • Wetland rehabilitation program
  • Socioeconomic programs
  • Scientific based monitoring program for Aphanius dispar, water and birds
  • Tree species monitoring program
  • Uromastyx monitoring program
  • Closeness to the residential areas
  • Hunting
  • Over grazing
  • Cut down trees

Fifa Nature Reserve has achieved two management plans so far and the 2nd management plan of the site (2020-2024) is under finalization and endorsement by Ministry of Jordanian environment by February 2020.


Latest updates of these informations: Mars 2020

©Ibrahim Mahasneh, RSCN​