The MedWet Academy

The MedWet Academy is a valuable resource hub for wetlands’ managers in the Mediterranean region. It is specifically designed to equip managers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively conserve and sustainably use wetland resources. The Academy provides a wide range of resources including videos, webinars, trainings, reports, publications, and guides.

As the training center of the MedWet Managers Network, the MedWet Academy plays a critical role in building the capacity of wetland managers. It provides a platform for managers to access high-quality training and resources, share best practices and experiences, and engage with experts in the field.

Whether you are a wetland manager, researcher, or stakeholder, the MedWet Academy is an essential resource for anyone interested in wetlands conservation and sustainable use in the Mediterranean region. Join the MedWet Academy community today and help shape the future of wetlands management.

Relevant resources for managers