Tell Us Your Story

We are building a network of wetland managers willing to share their experiences. We are sure that this exercise will help to strengthen wetland conservation and management in the Mediterranean region.

Surely you have a very interesting story to tell about your Ramsar Site. Some are very positive and some not all that good… Please, be an active part of this effort. Send us your Ramsar Site stories! We are very interested to hear about them!

Stories are powerful. The experiences that you could share with us about what’s happening on the ground in your Ramsar Site, can help MedWet to advocate for supportive policies and raise awareness about the value of wetlands to people and nature.

Our purpose behind communicating your success cases, but also about problems to be solved, is to highlight the benefits resulting from the wise use and effective management of wetlands in the Mediterranean. This will also allow to call the attention of decision-makers and other stakeholders, including donors and experts, about the problems that wetlands are facing and to try to find appropriate solutions for them.

Your stories can serve as a model to inspire other managers in the region.










So are you ready to share?

We can use your stories on our social media channels, when producing campaigning materials, in some media activities, etc. We will make sure to ask your permission beforehand.

Please send us your first draft in Arabic or English or French. If needed, we can edit it with you. Otherwise, you can indicate to us where we could find the appropriate information, and we can prepare a draft for your approval.

We may make changes in your story that we think are necessary for the sake of clarity and to comply with our own editorial guidelines. If so, we will notify you of these changes before we publish the story. We don’t want to distort your voice or your message.

When you are ready, submit the story to our address:, with the subject line: Wetland manager story.

Once we receive it, we may contact you for further information.

Tell your story and inspire others to make a difference for the good of our Mediterranean wetlands.